Pompeii between Archeology and Food and Wine

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The Tour

The excavations of Pompeii need no introduction, they are the flagship of world archeology. Walking through the streets of the ancient city is like taking a step back in time, but it is in perfect condition of Tabernae, Fullonicae, and Thermopolia, to leave you stunned.Our tour includes a guided tour of the major attractions inside the archaeological excavations, with the help of our expert guides, who will be able to make your experience unique through a detailed description of the events that led Pompeii to become the liveliest “dead” city there is, together with a careful description of the construction techniques and architectural models used at the time.

The tour will then continue with a private transfer that will take you to know one of the most important Vesuvian cellars, a place where you can appreciate the techniques of production and conservation of Campania wines as well as taste typical Neapolitan dishes, a worthy conclusion to a journey that combines the knowledge of ancient age to discover new traditions.

Reduction for children up to 12 years: – 30%

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