Excavations of Pompeii + Vesuvius

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The dream of every explorer, to look for traces of an ancient past, but also the causes that led to its disappearance, for many a chimera, an unattainable dream, like the myth of Atlantis …

In Pompeii, however, all this is possible! Not only can you still relive the ancient atmospheres of a city devastated by a cataclysm of biblical significance, and enter the homes of people who have not been there for millennia, learn about their habits of life, and even see their inanimate bodies, but it is It is even possible to know closely the cause of all that destruction, an entity that is calm only in appearance, or as geologists all over the world call it, a dormant volcano, Vesuvius.

Our tour, thanks to the help of our expert guide, will take you to discover the most hidden corners of the Pompeii excavations, and then continue towards Vesuvius, or, as the ancient inhabitants of the city called it, Mount Vesuvius, which yes, it caused the end of everything, but also thanks to which everything is still so well preserved.

Reduction for children up to 12 years: – 30%

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