Campi Flegrei

Evening visit to the Solfatara of Pozzuoli with geothermal dinner

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First, in order of interest, of the 40 volcanoes of the Campi Flegrei (from the Greek flègo, which means “I burn”, “I burn”), the Solfatara attracts tourists and volcanologists from all over the world. Still active, but in a quiescent state, this volcano gives back a vague scent of restlessness, mixed with the feeling of being suspended between two worlds …

The ancients had already understood the beneficial and therapeutic properties of its waters and its vapors. In the eighteenth century it even became a stop on the “Grand Tour” in Italy. Fumaroles, mud pits, wells and stoves are just some of the incredible attractions of a literally timeless site.

Our tour includes an evening visit to the Solfatara volcano, in the company of a skilled guide in Italian of the site, who leads visitors along an illuminated path, and reaches the most important places, explaining everything in great detail and providing precious information, as well as telling fascinating stories halfway between the serious and the joking, between history and mythology.

This is followed by a tasting in which guests are offered food prepared according to the Geothermal Kitchen technique, accompanied by Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei white wine.

Reduction for children up to 12 years: – 30%

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