What is the most beautiful honeymoon?

The question is simple, or at least it is in appearance, but it is certainly the most common among couples who are preparing to organize a trip, which will probably be the most important of their life.

Although this question is so “trivial”, the answer is almost never, because in reality there is no better trip than another, or more beautiful than another, rather there is one more expensive, or more adventurous, rather more romantic than another, but never better.

And the reason lies simply in the fact that each of us has his own tastes, dreams, and preferences of him, which do not necessarily have to coincide with those of everyone else, and rightly so.

The great experience gained in planning the countless honeymoons that we have had the good fortune and the honor to organize all over the world, has led us over the years to understand a truth, this yes, very simple, and that is that in the heart of each couple the perfect honeymoon already exists; the role of a good Travel Consultant is precisely to intercept those dreams, which sometimes barely surface, and be able to give them shape.

Bora Bora, Cape Town, La Habana, Machu Picchu, Tokyo, are just the names of distant places, but at the same time they also represent as many emotions, ideals and hidden desires, all different from each other … how about discovering together which ones are yours ?

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